Your Smile Is Our Reward

State of the Art Technology

Technological advancements in dentistry have been instrumental in improving treatment processes, streamlining record-keeping systems and helping people keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

Our practice incorporates the latest technology, but not just because it is new and different. Instead, we conduct thoughtful research and use new technology where it makes sense and when it provides better treatment options for our patients.

Digital x-rays provide for a more accurate diagnosis and less radiation exposure for our patients than traditional x-rays. They also eliminate the hazardous chemicals used in the traditional x-ray development process. We also have a cone beam CT machine that provides, when necessary, a comprehensive three dimensional view of your teeth. This assists us in diagnosis as well as implant planning. We also utilize a soft tissue laser, which helps treat periodontal disease in a less invasive manner than the traditional cut-and-suture method. It is also used to conduct some cosmetic procedures, such as sculpting gum tissue to correct "gummy" smiles.