Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation

If you are anxious about receiving dental treatment or you must undergo a long or invasive dental procedure, we offer conscious sedation dentistry, which allows you to relax during your visit.

Dr. Gunter and Dr. Graham are certified by the state of North Carolina to provide minimum conscious sedation. This means that we offer oral sedation through either nitrous oxide or medication.

Minimal conscious sedation used medication to decrease your consciousness level, while enabling you to breathe freely on your own and respond appropriately to gentle stimulation and/or verbal commands.

Some patients sleep through parts of their treatment, while others simply remain in a relaxed state. Almost all patients who undergo conscious sedation have little or no recollection of their dental visit following treatment.

RelaxSedation dentistry is of great benefit to fearful patients who often are so overcome with anxiety at the thought of going to the dentist that they put off routine, professional dental care. That often means what begins as a simple cavity that could be repaired with a filling is left untreated for so long, the decay spreads and the patient needs a crown or root canal therapy to repair the damage.

Prolonging dental treatment only means that more in-depth treatment is necessary once the patient gives in and goes to the dentist. Sedation allows the dentist to provide appropriate treatment without causing undue stress and anxiety to an already fearful patient.

Sedation dentistry also helps patients remain still throughout their procedure, a characteristic particularly helpful in children, who sometimes find it difficult to sit still while in the dental chair.

If you are interested in conscious sedation, let one of our doctors or staff know and we can discuss this option with you to determine if you are a good candidate.